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HR checklists, new hire onboarding checklists, daily operations checklists, 30/60/90 day plans, and more, for every role on your dental team.

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Onboarding is really expensive

The average hard costs to hire a employee is between $1500 and $4700[1]. When you include soft costs of time and lost productivity, that number balloons to up to $14,000[2].

And employee turnover for many practices is at an all time high. Employees are constantly re-evaluating their relationship with work, and when they leave, you and your team have to spend the time to re-hire them.

Therefore, it's crucial to ensure your onboarding process works.

You want to reduce the time it takes to make new team members productive.

You want them to start completing their onboarding HR and operational forms right after hiring them.

You want to track how well the team is performing their daily checklists.

But right now you have a bunch of lists in a bunch of places, and you don't know where to start. Some of them are in Word, some are in Excel or Google Sheets, some are in old emails, some are in HR tools.

I want to help.

Download and modify the new hire checklists, daily task checklists, and other documents that match where you are seeing the most pain.

They are free to download, free to edit, and free to use. These checklists are available as Microsoft Excel files, and are compatible with Excel and Google Sheets. They are fully editable, and have instructions on how to edit and use them.

I can help you work with them too; just reply to my emails and we can set up a meeting (it's free!).

You can download for free:

  • New hire / HR checklists
  • Daily checklists
  • 30/60/90 day plans (coming soon)
  • OSHA compliance checklists (coming soon)
  • Maintenance checklists (coming soon)

I am working on checklists for the following roles:

  • Dental assistants
  • Lead dental assistants (coming soon)
  • Receptionists (coming soon)
  • Lead receptionists (coming soon)
  • Office managers (coming soon)
  • Hygienists (coming soon)
  • Billing and insurance coordinators (coming soon)

Pick the checklists you want to download below.

[1] Source: SHRM
[2] Source:


Downloadable checklists

New hire checklist for dental assistants

New hire checklist for dental assistants

This is a New Hire Checklist for Dental Assistants. It is available in Excel format. You can also upload the format right to Google Drive, to use in Google Sheets. It is completely editable.